The Main, Forever in Tune

This project involves 34 interpretation panels featuring the multidimensional character of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. The Mile End sector, between Mount Royal Avenue and Van Horne Avenue, is covered by 15 panels installed in 2011, which join the 19 panels installed in 2010 between Sherbrooke Street and Mount Royal Avenue.

This series of panels will allow residents, workers and visitors of the Main to discover the diversity of people, uses and buildings that are associated with the many places of heritage interest on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Realized jointly by The Friends of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Mile End Memories, the project aims to showcase a network of places that together reflect the rich heritage, both tangible and intangible, of this extraordinary artery, which has for over a century been the home of several cultural communities and a variety of different activities. By installing the panels inside the places they discuss, we would like to show that the culture and economic life of the street are inter-related, and that cultural tourism can encourage visitors to discover commercial enterprises and vice versa.

Between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal
In Mile End

2 replies on “The Main, Forever in Tune”

Salut Lets Amis du boulevard Saint-Laurent,

Mon nom est Chandal Nolasco da Silva et je travaille pour Expression Web (/Green Communications) sur ‘Le Main.’ On sont entre Rachel et Duluth.

We would like to be friends, or in other words members of ‘Les Amis du boulevard Saint-Laurent.’ How do we do this? Are there any associated costs?

We really appreciate the historic photos displayed along the boulevard and within the stores. I am an anglophone-Portuguese and I love this sector! Since I moved to Montreal I have spent the bulk of my time working for and interacting with businesses within ‘The Main.’ Thanks for emphasizing the character and culture of my favorite urban section of Montreal.

Chandal Nolasco da Silva
Business Development Director
Expression Web
4097 St Laurent Blvd

Thank you Chandal for your interest. We will be waiting for your form!