10 Moments on the Main

The Friends of St-Laurent Boulevard are proud to present their audioguide “10 Moments on the Main”.
Discover the rich history of the Boulevard one moment at a time!

Nuit blanche: The Main, a legendary cosmopolitan street

For a second year running, Friends of Saint-Laurent Boulevard propose a discovery tour of the Main during the Nuit blanche of the Montréal en lumière Festival.

Saint-Laurent Boulevard, recognised as a National Historic Site of Canada since 1997, is known as the point of arrival for successive waves of immigration. Its history has been marked by people—famous and ordinary—from all over the world. Come and (re)discover the eternally cosmopolitan character of The Main! In both French and English.

Led by Bernard Vallée and Catherine Browne of Montréal explorations.

Description on the Nuit blanche web site

Free – Reservation required by writing to resa@amisboulevardstlaurent.com
Saturday 1 March, at 10 pm and midnight
Please specify your preference of time and language.